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 The brand name "Onnar" belongs to the company Angelakos Ltd which was founded in 1995 and operates in the sector of foodservice and hotel equipment, a particularly dynamic sector of the Greek industry. Today, the company can be considered as a market leader in this field with several big agreements.

In 2009 a strategic decision was taken and the company also became active in the sector of traditional Greek goods export with products such as extra virgin olive oil, olives, wine, cheese, etc. An important aspect of this decision was the fact that the owner of the company, Angelos Angelakos was born and raised in the area of Peloponissos, a region well known for the extraordinary quality of its goods. Being also a producer himself, it was easier for him to find other producers from this area who were willing to cooperate in order to export qualitative Greek products abroad. The main criterion in the selection of the producers, was the quality of their products, as well as the sustainability of the mechanisms used in order to produce them.  The selection was made only after the strict monitoring and evaluation of production processes. All of our products are also under protected Geographical indication (PGI). Analytical quality controls take place every month in order to make sure that nothing falls beyond the high standards that the company has set. 

The main target set by the company is to maintain the same high quality every time for all products with respect to the long tradition that Greece has in these goods. Our main belief is that Greek products should act as representatives of Greek culture and tradition.  As a result, we are not trying to create a typical product that just meets the basic standards. We are trying to give the customer an integrate and tasteful experience of the Greek culture by selling goods that offer the maximum quality possible.

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