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Meet Peloponisos » Monemvasia

The rock of Monemvasia was created on  375 AD when a tremendous earthquake in the South East Region of Lakonia separated the hersonissos known as “Minoan’s edge” from the mainland. A great rock was created and stood in the sea forever while it became a landmark of the area and an ardent desire of all ancient emperors due to its strategic position. The name Monemvasia was given to the rock because there is only one entrance which connects the rock with the mainland . (Monemvasia means “one entrance” in Greek)

 The famous castle city which was built on the medieval ages still remains almost undamaged on the rock and attracts thousands of visitors who are willing to enter a “time machine” and go back in the medieval ages though its unique landscapes and the atmosphere that the castle exhales.

The visitors are wandering on the cobbled alleys of the castle city while the style  diversity in the buildings architecture excite their fantasy and minds. There are 40 churches inside the castle including also a Muslim mosque. A large square is located in the middle of the castle where all visitors can take photos and admire the great medieval cannon which is in the middle.
There are several picturesque souvenir shops as well as exceptional hotels which offer the visitors an integrate experience of living inside the castle city and enjoying the aura of the legendary rock.  The top of the rock offers the visitor a breath-taking view of the Aegean Sea while several churches and ruins of the ancient times are also located on the top.
Many people called Monemvasia Small Gibraltar and others  “the Venice of the East” The only thing that can be said for sure is that  Monemvasia has its own authentic beauty while it also characterised by a mystery which calls you to discover the place again and again.

From the ancient years, Monemvasia was known as an ideal place for olives’ cultivation.

Pausanias, a famous ancient Greek geographer of the 2nd century BC , in his book Description of Greece refers to the peninsula of Monemvasia as an oleiferous place where all the residents live comfortable because of the extraordinary quality of the region’s olives. Moreover, he praises the regions climate which according to him “It is ideal and dry enough in order for olives to grow and give their fruits to the people’’
Some of the olive oils which exist at the roots of the area’s mountains nowadays are over 1000 years old, something which proves the quality of the grounds.
From ancient times, olive oil was considering to be a noble and valuable product while it was also used as a cosmetic for personal hygiene.
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